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Welcome to Find a Movie

Hello, my name is Shubham and this mini-project is to try my hands with the, still in beta, Next.js 13.

Technology used

Next.js 13

The new app directory makes it easy to lay out complex interfaces that maintain state across navigations, avoid expensive re-renders, and enable advanced routing patterns. In this project, I've made use of both - Server and Client Components. The home page which consumes an API is a server component while the Movie page is a client component.

API Integration

This project consumes The Movie Database (TMDB) API. I am thankful to them for providing such an easy-to-follow documentation and stable API.

GitHub Integration

As a developer, I understand the importance of collaboration and version control. I am hosting this project on Vercel. I've used other hosting platforms and VPS in the past, deploying to Vercel is really effortless. The platform automatically detects Next.js, runs next build, and optimizes the build output for me. The code lives on a github repo and all changes are synced automatically.


Being a utility-first CSS framework, it helps me design and develop responsive and mobile-friendly web applications quickly. I can leverage the power of TailwindCSS to create custom styles and layouts quickly and it's integration with Next.Js 13 is as easy as it gets.

My personal webpage

You can find my personal website here where I list out my other mini-projects and a firefox addon that I maintain! Thanks.